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Build Your Blog & They Will Come

In this day and age people spend more time than ever online and companies, big and small, are utilizing this fact to reach their consumers in a whole new way.

Traditional marketing efforts are subsiding; we are in the digital age and social media and blogging has become the new way to show that you know what you’re talking about. People have so many options at their fingertips, so what makes your business stand out from the rest? A personal connection! By using social media and blogging you can easily reach a new pool of potentials.

If your business – local or worldwide, small or large – doesn’t have a blog, it’s time to make it one of your online marketing goals for 2019! No matter what industry you’re in there’s something interesting you can write about and share with your online audience.

Customer Benefits

One of the best reasons to have a blog is for your customers. Your blog will become a fun place to visit leaving them enjoying your presence while learning about your business. Then when they’re ready to do business guess what? They’ll be calling you!

· Want to increase leads for your business?

Create content geared towards your potential customer base! For example, a Realtor can create content that highlights stories about home ownership eg, DIY Renovations, Tips to Purchasing your First Home. These articles will leave the reader trusting this Realtor as a friend who truly cares. With a call to action at the end of the post the business can easily capture this reader and turn them into a lead.

· Want to keep the customers you have?

Use your business blog to keep customers up to date on industry news, news about your products and services, and support information.

Social Media Benefits

Are you trying to build your online presence? A blog is the best place to start, driving all your connections to your website.

· You don’t want to constantly promote your company to your connections.

Only 20% of your social media should be directly about your business. If you make part of that 20% a link to your valuable blog content instead of promotion, you’ll gain more followers who are really interested in following your updates and learning about you!

· When your posts go viral your company will gain social media exposure.

When you have a great article featured on your site and then posted to your social media, every one of your connections will see that post. If it’s interesting  enough they’ll share and you’ll reach a bigger audience and hopefully gain more followers which will lead to more business.

Search Engine Optimization Benefits

Are you trying to build your online presence? A blog is the best place to start, driving all your connections to your website.

· You want Google to find your page, and keep finding it.

If your page is stale and hasn’t been updated with new content in a long time Google crawlers might not come back to your page. By constantly updating your blog you’ll be easier to find on search engines and your website will gain higher page rankings.

· Blog content can help you rank for long-tail keyword phrases.

There are only so many keywords you can target with your homepage and product pages. With blog content, you can take it a step further. For example if you’re a hairstylist, instead of just targeting hair styling, you could create content that targets hair styling tips, up-do’s, do it yourself hair tricks, and after care. The people who search for those things and find your content might become your next customers!

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