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Speak the Language

At this point we all know that social media is an unmatched marketing tool that we all (hopefully!) use to grow our business’ and stay in touch with our customer base. There are tons of platforms to choose from and guess what?

If you have the time (or a virtual assistant) to manage all of them they each can bring you business, you just have to know how to speak their language.


  • Socialize here as you would in a professional setting with colleagues you want to network with or are acquaintances with
  • Don’t over share. As in real life you wouldn’t begin a conversation with a colleague on a personal level. Keep it more on the professional side. For example speak about current events, your business or business education
  • The LinkedIn community like to socialize on a professional level, enjoy it and use it to your advantage!


  • If you do like to share your personal life here’s where you can do it. Just remember it’s business personal and shouldn’t be TMI (too much information)
  • Here users want to feel close to the people they follow. They don’t want to just follow a company, they want to know what that company stand for.
  • Share some of your volunteering experiences, or things you’ve done over the weekend that relate in some way back to your business. Basically show yourself as a person instead of just a business, but a good marketer will always make sure it remains in line with your brand.


  • Pictures and captions. It’s just that simple. Try to think of a photo that people would like to share or create memes that relate to your business.
  • People on instagram @ people to see a photo that they find interesting so if you create something that’s of interest to the public you have a huge chance of going viral here.
  • Don’t over complicate things. Be creative. Take pictures that are aesthetically pleasing and interesting. There are so many ways to use instagram just take a look at some of your competition to get some ideas!

This is such huge topic it can’t possibly be covered in one blog post so I’ll definitely be revisiting this. If you found this helpful or have some language techniques of your own I’d love if you shared your thoughts below in the comments!

Need help with your social media presence? We’ve got you covered, just reach out in a way that works best for you!

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