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You can start with as little as an hour and we’ll get to work. If you need more time we’ll take it from there, we’re really pay-as-you go, here when you need us and on stand-by when you don’t!

If you’re just looking for a one-off project, that’s fine too! We’ll send you pricing based on exactly what you’re looking for big or small, we take it all.

Most of our clients also ask us to manage their social media pages, whether it’s for long term, short term promotions or training, we’re here to take your daily digital marketing work off your plate.

We’ve highlighted our most used services here on our site, but we also take on tons of other tasks, some are totally unique to that specific business. Send us a message below and we’ll start discussing your project.

We take a 50/50 payment on Website Design projects, 50% is paid to get us started and the other 50% is due once you agree to the final edits then we go live!

Phone, text, email or use the form below! Let us know you’d like to get started and we can set up a call or get straight to work, we’re always ready to go.

We have a team in Toronto, Dubai and soon Vancouver! We have our time zones covered so your work is always getting done.

Your sent a time sheet on a daily, weekly or ‘hour block’ basis. You never have to wonder how your time was spent, it’s all broken down by the second for your records.

You’ll be speaking directly with our founder and your Chief Executive Assistant, Sasha Watkins. She then works with our team to complete and deliver your tasks and projects!

If your goal is growth and business development we can come assist to a higher degree with our consulting services and follow up with our actionable items using your admin hours.

Ask Your Question

Have a question you don’t see here or want to start working together?  Send us a message and we’ll get in touch with you!

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