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What is Pay-as-You-Go Administration?

It’s the opposite of paying a full-time employee for washroom breaks, lunches, holidays and slow work periods! Why pay full-time costs when you can simply pay for the tasks you need completed? Fill up your “gas tank” with as little or as many hours as you’d like to get started and we’ll get to work!

Your Time Broken Down

You’ll never have to wonder how your block of time was used, we’ll send you a timesheet with your hours broken down by the second! We can send your timesheet on a task, weekly or time block basis, just let us know what you prefer.

No Days Off

It doesn’t matter if it’s the weekend, a holiday, the middle of the night or last minute, we’re always ready for your next task – that’s why they call us The Pocket Office!
Let's Go!

What types of tasks can we get done?

There’s tons of tasks we take on, if you don’t see it on our website just reach out and we’ll go over the details.

Content Creation

  • Writing for Marketing Emails
  • Copy Editing
  • Blog Writing
  • Copy Writing
  • Website Copy Editing

Business Organization

  • Client Email Organization
  • Excel Spreadsheet Creation
  • CRM Management
  • Client Follow Up
  • Hiring Process Support

Catch All

  • Email Marketing
  • Research
  • Price Comparisons
  • Brainstorming
  • Data Entry
Here's Our Faq

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll be communicating directly with our Founder and your Chief Executive Assistant Sasha Watkins about your tasks. Sasha will then work with our team to get your work delivered!

No there’s no minimum amount of hours that you need to purchase to get started! Start out with as little as one hour to test us out and we guarantee you’ll be back for more.

We have a team here in Toronto with the other half of our team in Dubai. We’re also in the process of creating a team in Vancouver! All of our team members work closely with your Chief Executive Assistant to get your projects delivered.

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